Geoff Schrader – Senior Legal Consultant

Geoff is our new Senior Legal Consultant working closely with the team to resolve your matter as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Geoff is the founder of Schrader Legal which has now merged with Bricknell Legal. Geoff started his first practice in 1970 and then moved to Parramatta in 1973 where he remained until 2011. On moving to Gladesville he found himself next door to Danny Bricknell and Bricknell Legal and they proceeded to develop a strong and mutually respectful working relationship leading to the two practices becoming one in June of 2016.

In his many years of practice as a Solicitor, Geoff has extensive experience in all aspects of property, business, taxation, family law, contract law, personal injury, trade practices, commercial law, estate planning and commercial litigation matters. In litigation matters, Geoff has represented clients from all walks of life, from large corporations to “little battlers” in matters in the High Court, Federal Court as well as the Supreme, District and Local Courts.

Geoff brings a wealth of experience with him to Bricknell Legal and we are fortunate to have him on board. He looks forward to seeing both his existing clients as well as working with new clients through Bricknell Legal.